New version of API for End Users of PLMVS

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Polish Medicines Verification Organisation (KOWAL) would like to inform you that in mid-December 2019 there is planned upgrade of the API for End Users to version 4 (v4). This means that from that moment only version 3 (v3) and 4 (v4) of the API will be supported by Arvato Systems GmbH, therefore version 2 (v2) is going to become discontinued (not in use anymore).

In case your Software Supplier have not migrated your pharmacy/hospital/wholesaler software to v3 or v4 of the API please do so without delay. Please bear in mind that lack of migration to version 3 or 4 will disable you from verifying medicines using your software. All details regarding the API v4 are available for software suppliers in SWS PORTAL at Upon successful upgrade of your software it is necessary to perform repeated Baseline testing in SWS Portal in order to ensure flawless implementation of the upgrade.

Falsification of medicinal products

In recent years the pharmaceutical market has faced the rapidly growing and dangerous phenomenon of falsification of medicinal products.


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