The Polish Medicines Verification Organisation was established on 5th July 2017 with the aim to create and implement an IT system for verifying the authenticity of medicinal products. The obligation to create the organization results from the Community regulations aimed at preventing drug falsification that threatens the health and lives of patients. Similar organisations will be established in all EU countries.

The obligation imposed on the representatives of the pharmaceutical industry of individual Member States to create a National Medicines Verification Organisation results directly from Directive 2011/62/EU, the so-called Falsified Medicines Directive, and its implementing Act under the Polish law of 19 December 2014 on amending the Act — Pharmaceutical Law and certain other Acts (Journal of Laws of 8 January 2015) and implementing acts to the Directive.

The Polish Medicines Verification Organisation was appointed by four organisations:

  • Polish Employer Association of Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Employers’ Union of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies INFARMA
  • Association of Parallel Importers of Medicinal Products
  • Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber

More at: www.emvo-medicines.eu


Serious threat for patients

In recent years the pharmaceutical market has faced the rapidly growing and dangerous phenomenon of falsification of medicinal products. The scale and severity of the problem is illustrated by the data presented by the World Health Organization (WHO). They show that even 1% of medicines sold in developed countries can be counterfeited and as many as 50% of medicines sold via the internet is falsified.

The experience of the WHO and other organisations involved in combating illicit medicines trade shows that the phenomenon of falsification is becoming more serious every year. Counterfeit or fake medicines pose a serious threat to health systems in EU Member States, including Poland. Falsified medicines may contain ingredients of low quality or at inappropriate doses and therefore pose a serious threat to the health and even the lives of citizens.

Economic and criminal problem

In 2016, 1013 preparatory proceedings were initiated, with charges filed in 404 proceedings related to crimes involving counterfeiting of medicines.

In this time, during international trade inspections, the Customs Services seized 18 628 counterfeit medicinal products with a value of over PLN 830,000. This is only a part of the production and sale of counterfeit medicines in the Polish market.

Falsification of medicinal products

In recent years the pharmaceutical market has faced the rapidly growing and dangerous phenomenon of falsification of medicinal products.


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